Data-driven Reinvention: Discovering business value

The smartest path to business growth? It’s all hidden in your data. Your business accumulates a sea of data each day. Whether it is learning about your customer, their day-to-day challenges, your marketing efforts or addressing customer needs – it all gathers data. You only need to know what it takes to convert this business data into actionable insights.


What we deliver

At Extelesi, we are data fanatics. We use advanced analytical techniques and cutting-edge technology to study, protect and learn from this hidden treasure. We’ll help you to analyse, develop a strong data foundation, monetise that data and help you find new sources of revenue.

While almost every business is ambitious about their growth, only those who are able to take actionable insights obtained through big data analytics witness tremendous growth. When you entrust us with your greatest asset – your data, we harness this power and help you identify efficient and cost-savvy ways of doing business.




Financial analytics

Customer analytics

Brand and product analytics

Asset analytics

HR analytics

Supply chain analytics

Manufacturing analytics

On-demand data analysis

What we think

Our data scientists have a unique approach to analyze the voluminous information and provide you the deepest insights into undiscovered possibilities. From helping you measure the impact of pricing, or get a clear picture of market positioning or maintain price consistency – we help you get more out of your data and deliver tangible business results.